Beta Testing New Platform

Hello members! I am excited that you are here and interested in testing out the new platform. Here is the back story, in case you missed it on FB:

When I initially was relaunching the membership, I was looking into new ways to make access easier and more intuitive on the go…aka from your phone. I scoured the interwebs, I use Squarespace and LOVE it, but it does have a few things that are limited. I explored switching over to Shopify, and it was like trying to learn Chinese after using Squarespace all this time, plus coding and I have a love/hate relationship. Anyways, I found a solution, it was not an out of the box solution and I have been working with the CTO of the software company to work out the kinks and bugs to make it fit what I was envisioning. As we all know, technology doesn’t care about our timeframe and schedules, so instead of delaying the new membership, I decided to redesign it to what it is now and continue to work with the lovely peeps that have been updating the back end of this new platform and roll that out once it’s good and ready.

The problem with the new platform, and why I wasn’t ready to launch it out into the world yet is that it isn’t working on ALL 34635 types of smartphones. So I am partnering with the platform company and YOU to get some feedback and make sure we iron out all the kinks before it goes live to everyone. As a member of the Professional Membership, I know that you are also serious about saving time and making things easier which is why I knew that you were the PERFECT testers! You know what makes life easier and want better solutions also.

The only thing I ask is that after using the beta membership, you complete the survey on your membership dashboard, so that I can pass along helpful info from the field and we can get this thing in tip top shape! I so appreciate each of you and all your feedback and support! If you have questions or problems, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email and let me know!

Brenna Schroeder