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Organizing Your Week with Trello

Organizing is and has always been my nemesis, which is sad since I function so much better when I'm organized. I've tried tools, apps, spreadsheets, name it. Nothing really has been the right combination for what all I needed to keep track of...until now. Let me introduce you to my BFF, Trello!  I use it for idea dumps, scheduling my social media, keeping track of finances, home and vehicle maintenance, kids' schedules, all kinds of things... but my favorite is for my Current Week. This past Summer was difficult personally, because my grandma was in the nursing home and passed away in August. Because I had my shit together in Trello it made that time 100% less stressful trying to stay on top of the must do's of my business allowing me the time I needed to be with family and process, not feeling stressed about my business becuase I had no clue what all I needed to do.

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