Printing Your Own Business Cards with Gold Foil

blog print with gold foil.jpg

I have recently announced some changes to my Etsy Shop and while I am excited for the new things coming, I don’t want to leave my amazing customers hanging. One of our best selling business card designs is a gold foil card and it is absolutely gorgeous printed! I have put together a quick How-To video to show you exactly how you can get the same printed card on your own! Best part is, it’s really simple and takes no time at all ;)

I recommend Vistaprint for a lot of reasons:

  • They are priced VERY competitively (I love supporting local shops, but when $$ is a factor, you just can’t beat Vistaprint.)

  • They have outstanding customer service. 100% satisfaction guaranteed, for any reason.

  • It’s super easy to take a digital design and have it printed and again, if you have any questions, just give them a call, they are super helpful!

I walk through the steps here in this video, you will have gorgeous foil printed business cards in no time!


The new Digital Shop will be opening in October and we will have some new business card designs that you can try out as well!