Organizing Your Week with Trello

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Organizing is and has always been my nemesis, which is sad since I function so much better when I'm organized. I've tried tools, apps, spreadsheets, name it. Nothing really has been the right combination for what all I needed to keep track of...until now. Let me introduce you to my BFF, Trello!  I use it for idea dumps, scheduling my social media, keeping track of finances, home and vehicle maintenance, kids' schedules, all kinds of things... but my favorite is for my Current Week. This past Summer was difficult personally, because my grandma was in the nursing home and passed away in August. Because I had my shit together in Trello it made that time 100% less stressful trying to stay on top of the must do's of my business allowing me the time I needed to be with family and process, not feeling stressed about my business because I had no clue what all I needed to do.

There is an app! I use it on my phone to pull it up whenever, wherever and see what's going on. BONUS: I discovered I can sync my calendar with the calendar power-up  with my Google calendar....mind blown. Are the wheels spinning???


Getting Started with Trello


Everyone falls into 1 of 3 categories, love Trello, hate Trello, never tried it. I know this because I have made my way through all 3 stages. I tried it, didn’t love it and then all my business girl crushes were talking about it and I thought I should give it another try. I found this AMAZING Trello training from Dana Malstaff that totally changed my mind about Trello, as it turns out if you actually know what you are doing, it’s waaaay more helpful. She even gives you a copies of her most used boards, so watch it twice, once to get the overview and again to really pick up more of the details. You can grab that HERE!


Pretty=Works Better


I use Trello for everything, like literally. It's basically my brain. The big difference is my brain is really messy and “cluster-y”, not pretty and organized... I love that I can change the background on each board with free gorgeous photos from Unsplash or I can upload my own photos with Trello Gold, which is only $5/month. This makes me feel 100% more put together and I enjoy using it because it's pretty.  I learned a trick from Rosemary Watson that I can pay for Gold for 1 month, upload the photos to my backgrounds and then cancel and I still get to keep my photos :) Win. Win.



Swipe My Current Week Board


Ready to give it a try?! The board that makes my overall life better, business AND personal, is my Current Week board. I love my Current Week board because it makes it really simple to keep the most pressing tasks up close and personal. I keep personal appts and tasks as well as business so that I can make sure everything is planned congruently, as opposed to not and well, again...."cluster-y". You can always build out other boards for more in depth on certain tasks/topics and then link those boards to your current week so it’s all connected, kind of like a “master plan” of your week. Sounds amazing, right? Grab my board here and I will also send over, a step-by-step screen-cast video talking you through how exactly I use it. I learn better when I see someone actually do something and see the whole process.  


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