Discovering the Heart of Your Goals: Part 3 | Your Yearly Goals Snapshot


That used to be really overwhelming to me. A whole year?? I can't even figure out what I'm doing today! There are TONS of goal planning, year planning, everything planning tools out there. I get sucked in guys! It's real. Don't get me wrong they are great tools, BUT I am a simple minded person friends lol.  Who has folders and papers everywhere printed out that have big promises of how to  "Plan Your Whole Year in 5 Minutes"?? I did!! I spent so much time in getting ready to handle my shit, that I never really got it handled. Gah, so defeating!

So, here is a SUPER SIMPLE way to take those goals and plans and put them on paper and then you can schedule them and those tasks into your planner or calendar and actually keep track of what the heck you are supposed to do to keep moving toward that big ultimate goal! Ready? 

This was something I found to be a game changer from the amazing Tyler J. McCall that I added some tweaks to be a little more helpful for what I needed.



You guys, this is one 1 paper! For the WHOLE year! Is it a comprehensive 4323 page guide? NOPE! It's a snapshot and it will make it so easy to keep it manageable (both the list AND your expectations) in bite size pieces because it's all on ONE page!

Here's how to fill it out!

Each Quarter you will write in what you focus is for that 3 month time, then the goals you have. Use the other worksheets you have completed in part 1 and 2 as your guide. Repeat the same for each month, but now you can easily see how those build on each other and work together to accomplish your big picture goal. Here's an example on how I use my sheet:

I have an Etsy shop. I know for looking at my data from last year, which months are my busy months. I put Etsy Orders for the focus on the TOP 5 sales months in my shop. Then, I can take a fill in the other months on what I am mainly focusing on. Here is what I found last year: those months that are really busy in my shop are NOT the months that I need to work on new product creation, starting something new etc. Those are the months that I CAN focus on other things and breakdown those other projects and goals to fit them in where I actually HAVE the time to be successful at completing them. 


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