Discovering the Heart of your Goals


It’s the first of the New Year! You are just coming off of one of the most stressful times of the past year, with the holidays, hustle and bustle, financial strain. Not to mention if you run your own business and any part of it even resembles retail, you have been busting it trying to get those dollars that are flying out of wallets during the holidays. Sales, planning, shipping and production….now here you are, the calm after the storm and you feel this pressure to get your life together in one week and figure out all the things that didn’t work and make a plan to fix them for this next year. 


Let me give you permission to let yourself rest. There is no magic in January 1. The beauty of life is that every day we get a chance to start again. We can always make changes and learn from what did and didn’t work. 




When I feel like I am at my best is when I focus on what I love doing and give my mind the space to explore that. I find a few magazines that inspire me and leisurely look through the pages. Since I do design and photography, I look deeper into the parts that capture my attention. I let my mind explore why I am drawn to that and what it may be inspiring in my for my own work. What about that photo is really attractive to me? The layouts that are used, fonts that are displayed….I love looking for the inspiration. 


There is all kinds of data and analytics that we gather through out the year and yes, those things have a place. But where you START when you are reflecting on the “already done” and looking forward on what is to come, is going to either allow you to feel refreshed and inspired, or drained and defeated. 


Start here.

Take a minute to think over a few questions:.

  • What did you just like really LOVE that you did last year?

  • Why do you think that stands out to you over other things?

  • What was it about that thing that makes you feel light and capable rather than heavy and defeated?


Now,  think about the opposite of that:

  • What is one thing that you did last year that just made you feel heavy, like the work you were doing was burdensome and difficult?

  • Why do you think that made you feel that way?

  • What about that thing was heavy?

I even made a free printable worksheet for you to dig into these questions, grab it right here:


The thing is, that when we are just going non-stop, we get stuck in these boxes in our mind. We do things a certain way because maybe we have just always done it that way. If we don’t take the time to reflect and look in at ourselves, we lose what we are doing and why we are doing it in the first place. There are so many little parts to what we do, and the things that we struggle with, may simply be because one small part may need changed or adjusted. We need to take the time to look at that honestly and see what that might look like. 


As you are looking through to the new year, I challenge you to not JUST plan out with numbers and data. Start with an inventory of your heart and let the starting point be there. When you are planning out your year, quarter, month, day…..start with what makes your heart sing. Then let the others fit in around it. You may be surprised to see that if you start there, you just may not have room for ALL the things, and that’s ok because now you know that you don’t want to.


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